Stay strange

ACS’ love letter to ‘80s Americana fashion

Text Hannah Vasdekys | Photography Matt Monfredi | Styling Sian O’Donnell | Hair & Make-up Jessica Hurley

Winona Ryder. Supernatural creatures that make your skin crawl. Dark synthpop. Suspense, horror, and romance in one. And most importantly, a killer ’80s wardrobe.

Netflix coins Stranger Things a “love letter to ’80s classics,” and here at ACS it’s the source of inspiration behind our latest fashion editorial.

Let me quickly set the scene: It’s 1983. It’s an era of mixtapes, landline phones, children actually playing outside, and of course, early ’80s fashion galore. Plaid skirts, turtlenecks, and Sherpa jackets all in a rich autumnal colour palette.

While we wait with anticipation for updates on a season two, we take a moment to celebrate the best 80s style moments on Stranger Things. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for the whole ’90s comeback to be dethroned by its predecessor.

Lilly wears Gucci glasses with gold bomber jacket from Asos, bronze satin blouse by Zara and mustard trousers from Sister Jane.

Stay Strange, A Certain Syrup 052

Stay Strange, A Certain Syrup 11891


Lilly wears gold dress by Naya Rea with red PVC jacket from Monki.

Stay Strange, A Certain Syrup_096

Stay Strange, A Certain Syrup_070

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